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Non Status Contract Hire

Sourcing a new or used vehicle and arranging finance for your next vehicle can be daunting especially if you fall into the non status or sub-prime bracket.

Want 2 Contract Hire.co.uk specialise in sourcing the very best contract hire deals available for people who are non status contract hire applicants, people who are labelled as sub-prime.

Sourcing and funding your new or used car really is simple - just contact us stating your vehicle requirements and budget and we will source a package especially tailored to your needs and affordability.

Refused Credit / Turned Down Elsewhere

What with the credit crunch hanging over us all and threats of a recession, more and more people are being refused credit or being turned down elsewhere for vehicle finance including contract hire - this is where we may be able to help as we deal with a leading provider of vehicles and finance here in the UK - 1000's of car and vans are supplied to satisfied customers every year.


Non status contract hire is also available to bankrupts however, the payment profile will be slightly higher than the standard 3 payments offered to prime or status individuals and businesses.

All contract hire applications from people in bankruptcy are subject to status however, they will be treated on their own individual merit.

CCJ's / Defaults & Arrears

CCJ's also known as County Court Judgements, defaults, arrears, an IVA can all be a cause for refusal at many contract hire vehicle suppliers however, Want 2 Contract Hire.co.uk will look sympathetically at your current circumstances and so long as you meet our lenders requirements, a suitable package will be sourced to fit in with your financial budget.

Poor & Bad Credit

Poor credit and bad credit contract hire applications are also dependent on the amount of adverse credit an applicant has recorded against them - we aim to source a vehicle for you at a price you can afford and whilst you might not be able to select a new car on contract hire, we will more than likely be able to place you in a high quality used vehicle.

Adverse Credit

No matter what your financial circumstances, we aim to source and tailor a non status contract hire package specific to your needs.

Want 2 Contract Hire.co.uk have helped source vehicle contract hire for people with CCJ's, arrears, defaults and even bankrupts.

Contact us now to see how we can help.

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